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RMF Publications


SP 800-12 (An Introduction to Information Security), June 2017
SP 800-18 (Security Plans),  Feb  2006
SP 800-30 (Risk Assessment), September 2012
SP 800-34 (Contingency Planning), May 2010
SP 800-37 Rev 2 (Risk Management Framework), December 2018
SP 800-39 (Organizational Risk Management), March 2011
SP 800-53 Rev. 4 (Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations), January 2014
SP 800-53A Rev 4 (Assessing Security and Privacy Controls in Federal Information Systems and Organizations: Building Effective Assessment Plans), December 2014
SP 800-53B Rev 4 (Control Baselines for Information Systems and Orgainzations), October 2020
SP 800-53 Rev. 5 (Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations), September 2020

Analysis of updates between 800-53 Rev. 5 and Rev. 4, by MITRE Corp. for ODNI, December 2020 (xls)
Mapping: Appendix J Privacy Controls (Rev. 4) to Rev. 5, December 2020 (xls)
Mappings: Cybersecurity Framework and Privacy Framework to Rev. 5 (xls), December 2020 (xls)

SP 800-55 Rev 1 (Performance Measurement Guide for Information Security), July 2008
SP 800-59 (National Security Systems), August 2003
SP 800-60 Rev. 1 (Security Categorization), Volume 1, August 2008
SP 800-60 Rev. 1 (Security Categorization), Volume 2, August 2008
SP 800-61 Rev. 2(Incident Response Planning), August 2012
SP 800-137 (Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) for Federal Information Systems and Organizations), September 2011 
SP 800-137A (Assessing Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) Programs: Developing an ISCM Program Assessment), May 2020 
IR 7298 (Glossary of Key Information Security Terms) 

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Did you know? BAI has partnered with CompTIA to become a pre-approved training provider. You can earn 1 CEU for each our of training.  Our classes range from 1 day (8 CEUs) to 5 days (40 CEUs). At least 5o% of the training course content must relate to one or…

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Which Security Controls Are Required? A Definitive Answer

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By Amanda Lowell, Security+CE, RDRP Folks frequently reach out to BAI to ask, “Which security controls are required for X kind of DoD system?” It’s a valid question that can also be indicative of a common misconception.  The short answer is, you will have certain control overlays for your information…