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Kathryn Daily

RMF Alignment with the ISC2 CGRC Exam

By Kathryn Daily, CISSP, CGRC (Formerly CAP), RDRP BAI’s training programs were developed with the information systems professional in mind. NIST’s Risk Management Framework is one of the most widely used governance, risk and compliance frameworks in the nation and forms the core of the ISC2 CGRC Exam Content (for…
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RMF vs CSF: Which is better?

By Kathryn Daily, CISSP, CGRC, RDRP         I know it’s a catchy headline, but it’s the wrong question to ask.  NIST RMF and CSF are two totally different animals with a different purpose.  NIST RMF is primarily focused on managing overall organizational risk, providing a structured approach…
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6 Reasons to Take RMF Training

By Kathryn Daily, CISSP, CGRC, RDRP 🔒 Elevate Your Cybersecurity Career with RMF Training! 🚀🌐 In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. 🌐💡 That's why I'm passionate about highlighting the significance of Risk Management Framework (RMF) training for career growth in…
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Managing the Recent Cisco Vulnerabilities from a NIST 800-53 Security Controls Perspective

By, Amanda Lowell, Security+ CE, RDRP Special thanks to my colleagues Kathryn Daily and Sam Bodine for contributing to and helping edit this article!In the last few weeks, two different vulnerabilities found in Cisco’s software were disclosed to the public. Before you click away, thinking, “Well, I don’t own any…
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