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The Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal agencies require all information technology (IT) systems to comply with a host of information assurance (information security) requirements. This includes a host of “building control” systems such as power control/monitoring, HVAC, lighting, card entry, surveillance, etc.

Product Compliance

To be successful in the DoD/Federal market, you must be able to provide documented evidence of compliance with applicable DoD/Federal information security requirements. We offer consulting services to help reach your goals.

Consulting Services

Our list of services helps you implement lean practices, reduce errors and lag time and gain the benefit of standardizing and scaling the most effective practices with the necessary documentation.

Compliance Survey

Designed to quickly provide information about your product’s level of compliance with government security standards. This “short-turn around” service provides a basic view of your product’s compliance with applicable DoD/Federal security requirements and a set of practical recommendations for compliance improvement.

Readiness Assessment

A more comprehensive evaluation with extensive “hands on” testing. BAI reviews documentation at a technical level and conducts interviews with appropriate personnel within your organization to develop a comprehensive plan for testing your product’s security functionality and compliance. Deliverables include a Compliance Report and Executive Summary. Documentation is suitable for disclosure to current or prospective DoD/Federal customers.

Liaison Consulting Services

Designed to help “bridge the gap” between your organization and your current or potential DoD/Federal customers. Our Liaison services are designed to assist you in working with government customers (and potential customers) on security-related matters. Services include pre-post-sales support, assistance to government customers to understand product security features, acting on your behalf as an “in house” security expert during the “full life cycle” of your information assurance evaluation.