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10 Concepts for a Thriving RMF Program

By Amanda Lowell, Security+ CE, RDRP My friends and I joke that being in the field of cybersecurity is equivalent to searching for unicorns–achieving cybersecurity is a myth…   Let me explain.   The “cybersecurity” buzzword, as it is thrown around by executives today, is a myth. The concept of…

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So, You Think You Can Practice RMF: Breaking into Cybersecurity as an RMF Practitioner

This blog excerpt is taken from our July 2023 newsletter. To view the rest of the newsletter, visit By Philip D. Schall, Ph.D., CISSP, RDRP As a college professor and Director of Training at BAI RMF Resource Center, I often am approached by students of all ages asking how they…

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Ready for In-Person Classroom RMF Training?

By P. Devon Schall, Ph.D., CISSP Tired of Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings yet? As a trained instructional designer, online college professor, residential (in-person) college professor, and Director of Training at BAI RMF Resource Center, I am opinionated and passionate about pedagogy and training delivery methods. 2020 has been full…

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