You Presented A Great Class

You presented a great class, your personal experience makes it even better!
Thanks for your knowledge!

I’m recommending to my leadership that more people attend this class, ….at least the 1 day overview so they understand the effort.

US Army/Tobyhanna Army Depot
RMF for DoD IT

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all the information you have provided. I have greatly benefited from the knowledge supplied throughout this course. While I have been a part of the RMF process I had not fully immersed myself through the beginning to end process. This course delivered the full scope. I would recommend this course for everyone in the control approval chain. I look forward to talking to you again. Great course, Great instructor!

RMF for DoD IT

Thank You

The RMF training has paid off well and we are well on our way to ATO in the next month or so.  I soooo appreciate your class & all the beneficial information.

Lockheed Martin

Thank You

Thank you for the class today. I really enjoyed it. You are a great instructor and your experience really came through.  I will recommend others on my team take your course.


Thank You

Thank you Linda.  I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

US Navy

Thank You

Thank you this is greatly appreciated. The training was wonderful.

General Dynamics

Thank You!

Thank you very much.  I really enjoyed the course and you did a great job.  I especially like that you have a wealth of knowledge and know the subject matter.

KeyW Corporation

Thank You!

Thank you for making that subject matter much more interesting than it has to be.  I am back at my respective Gulag with a few ideas. –


I wanted to first of all say “Thank You So Much” for the RMF Training class the week of 29 October!  I was enlightened as I’m sure many of the other students were.  I loved how we could see you (and occasionally your very curious cat!) in the Adobe Connect window – it made the class more personal vs. just listening to someone’s voice for 4 days.  You are a wealth of knowledge and every one of us has benefitted from that! 😊

Lockheed Martin