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The Registered DoD RMF Practitioner (RDRP) is the US’s only assessment focused completely on RMF. The requirements to join RDRP are straightforward:

  • Step 1: Attend 4 days or more of RMF for DoD IT training.
  • Step 2: Purchase the exam for $149.
  • Step 3: Complete the 50-question “RMF for DoD IT Competency Test” with a passing score of 70%.

Being part of the RDRP registry not only adds resume value, it also shows employers and government officials that registrants have a comprehensive understanding of RMF as it is implemented within the DoD. Registrants are also joining a community that fosters RMF inquiry as well as networking opportunities amongst colleagues.

RDRP maps to a variety of work roles as defined by The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Work Framework (NCWF). NCWF was developed in partnership with over 20 agencies and federal departments to establish baseline qualifications in cybersecurity career development. BAI is confident qualifications such as RDRP will become more and more critical as NCWF is finalized and moved out of draft form.

The only cost associated with becoming an RDRP is a one-time $149 administration fee that covers program administration. Once an RDRP candidate passes the exam, they will become a lifetime RDRP member. No CEUs are required.