Training Overview


RMF for Federal Agencies Fundamentals
(One Day)

RMF for Federal Agencies Fundamentals (One Day) provides an overview of information security and risk management and proceeds to a high-level view of FISMA regulations, roles, and responsibilities, and NIST RMF process steps, including security authorization (aka. certification and accreditation).  It also includes an introduction to the NIST RMF documentation package and the NIST security controls.

Full Course

RMF for Federal Agencies In-Depth
(Four Days)

RMF for Federal Agencies In-Depth (Days 2-4) expands on these topics at a level of detail that enables practitioners to immediately apply the training to their daily work.  Each student will gain an in-depth knowledge of the NIST publications along with the practical guidance needed to implement them in his/her environment.  Each activity in the NIST SP 800-37 Rev 2 Risk Management Framework is covered in detail, as is each component of the documentation package.  NIST SP 800-53 (Rev 4 and Rev 5) Security Controls and NIST SP 800-53a assessment procedures are covered in detail, as are the CNSSI 1253 “enhancements” applicable to National Security Systems (NSS) and the intelligence community.  “Class participation” exercises and collaboration reinforce key concepts.

Who should attend?

The RMF for Federal Agencies training program is suitable for employees and contractors of federal “civil” agencies and the intelligence community, as well as their supporting vendors and service providers.  The full four-day program is recommended for most students.  Managers and others who need only high-level knowledge of RMF have the option of attending just the RMF for Federal Agencies Fundamentals (one day).


4 days

The full RMF for Federal Agencies IT  training program is four days. It is highly recommended students complete the full course to gain a thorough understanding of the intricacies of RMF implementation.

Course Overview & Outlines

Please Click here for detailed course overviews and outlines of RMF for Federal Agencies – Fundamentals and RMF for Federal Agencies – In Depth.

Delivery Methods

The RMF for Federal Agencies training program is offered on a regularly-scheduled basis in

Aberdeen | Colorado SpringsDayton | Huntsville | National Capital Region | Pensacola | San Antonio | San Diego | Southern Maryland

Training is also available to distance learners via Online Personal Classroom™ technology.

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Private Group  Classes

If you have a group of students (normally 8 or more), any of our training programs can be delivered at your site (in a suitable classroom facility), or in our Online Personal Classroom. Group classes offer significant savings over individual class registrations; the larger the class, the greater the savings.

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Training fees

“Per-student” fees for regularly-scheduled RMF for Federal Agencies training are as follows:

RMF for Federal Agencies Fundamentals (one day): $750
RMF for Federal Agencies In-Depth (four days): $1,935

Payment options for regularly-scheduled training are as follows:

Credit card – Visa, MasterCard and American Express
SF182 – government entities may submit an SF182 for invoicing after completion of training
PO – purchase orders are accepted from government and major corporate entities

How to Register

Registration for regularly-scheduled classes can be completed in two ways:

Online (recommended).
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By FAX or e-mail
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