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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a Risk Management Framework (RMF) and a comprehensive set of Security Controls (requirements) intended for implementation across the spectrum of federal programs and IT systems. Federal “civil” agencies have aligned their information security practices to the NIST process and controls. DoD has officially begun its transition from their existing DIACAP process and DoD “IA Controls” to the RMF and NIST security controls. A similar transformation from legacy process to RMF has been underway for some time within intelligence community agencies.

In order to effectively support this transformation, federal employees, contractors and vendors need to be educated on RMF as soon as possible.

BAI has responded to this challenge by providing several instructor-led training programs. Click on one of the programs below to learn more:

Our Trainers

Trainers at BAI have an average experience of 20 years in information security and a rooted background in working with government technology systems. RMF training is a niche of information security, and it is critical to select an organization with real-world experience on the topic. 


Training is provided in three ways:

  • Regularly-scheduled classroom training. BAI provides the above training programs on a periodic basis at several training sites nationwide. Click Here for a schedule of class dates and locations.
  • Regularly-scheduled Personal Classroom™ (online) training. Personal Classroom training combines the best features of web-based training and traditional, instructor-led classes. Using your PC and telephone, you can participate in a live, instructor-led class from the comfort of your home or office. Most of the regularly-scheduled classes at our training sites are also available for distance learning via personal classroom technology. Click here to view the training schedule and register for Personal Classroom training.

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  • On-site training. BAI can send one of our instructors to your site to deliver any of the above training programs to a group of students in your organization. We can also provide special scheduling, content customization, and other special services to meet your needs.

Registered DoD RMF Practitioner (RDRP)

BAI Information Security is pleased to announce the launch of a new program called Registered DoD RMF Practitioner (RDRP) - a network of security professionals specializing in supporting Risk Management Framework (RMF) in Department of Defense (DoD) programs. The requirements to join RDRP are very straightforward:

  • Step 1: Attend 4 days or more of RMF for DoD IT training.
  • Step 2: Complete the 50 question “RMF for DoD IT Competency Test” with a passing score of 70%.
  • Step 3: Remit the initial credentialing fee (No cost if you’ve completed BAI’s RMF 4-day training program within the past 12 months).

Being part of the RDRP registry not only adds resume value, it also shows employers and government officials that registrants have a comprehensive understanding of RMF as it is implemented within DoD. Registrants are also joining a community that fosters RMF inquiry as well as networking opportunities amongst colleagues. 

RDRP maps to a variety of work roles as defined by The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Work Framework (NCWF). NCWF was developed in partnership with over 20 agencies and the federal departments to establish baseline qualifications in cybersecurity career development. BAI is confident qualifications such as RDRP will become more and more critical as NCWF is finalized and moved out of draft form.

BAI’s students who have completed 4-days or more of RMF DoD IT training may go to to begin the registration process.

RMF 360

At BAI, we’re customer centric. Larger organization training needs are unique. That’s why we’ve built a training
solution without additional expense, a powerful value proposition. RMF 360 includes:

  • Training Assessment – Designed to understand your training landscape.
  • Class Audit – Sit in and listen to ensure you have a proper vendor fit.
  • Custom Content – Applicable to work environment
  • Pilot Program – A scalable approach without the long term commitment.
  • Automated Survey System – Measures success without class room pressure.
  • TrainPlus - Post training conference call with RMF subject matter expert.
  • Dedicated Account Executive – to assist in your training project needs.

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