Training Overview

Now featuring Hands-On Lab Activities using our exclusive eMASS eXPERIENCE ™ Simulator … No CAC Required!


(One Day)

The Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service, or eMASS, is a web-based Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) solution that automates a broad range of services for comprehensive, fully-integrated cybersecurity management, including controls scorecard measurement, dashboard reporting, and the generation of Risk Management Framework (RMF) package reports.  Nearly all DoD organizations have “standardized” on eMASS as the data repository for RMF Assessment and Authorization.

eMASS eSSENTIALS ™ provides “how to” guidance for The Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service, or eMASS, a web-based Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) solution that automates a broad range of services supporting RMF in the DoD environment. Training includes the hands-on eMASS eXPERIENCE Simulator™.

The eMASS eXPERIENCE Simulator™ was created to provide an authentic eMASS user experience without the consequences of entering incorrect data in a live eMASS system. The interface and user experience mirror that of eMASS and the simulation environment is maintained to reflect all updates to the live version of eMASS as supported by DISA.

*The eMASS eXPERIENCE Simulator™ does not require a DoD Common Access Card (CAC).

eMASS eSSENTIALS is a one-day session in which we provide guidance for the most commonly-used eMASS functions, including:

  • System Registration
  • Implementation Plan
  • Security Controls and Test Results
  • Artifacts
  • Asset Manager
  • Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)

We are continually revising the curriculum as DISA releases updates.

Who should attend?

eMASS eSSENTIALs is open to all students (government and contractors) with an interest in eMASS, particularly for those who have previously completed RMF for DoD IT training.

Students who have not yet attended RMF training are encouraged to inquire about discounted pricing for a training package that includes RMF for DoD IT and eMASS eSSENTIALS.


1 day

eMASS eSSENTIALS is a one-day session in which we provide “how to” guidance for the most commonly-used eMASS functions.

Course Overview & Outlines

Please Click here for a detailed course overview and outline for eMASS Essentials.

Delivery Methods

eMASS eSSENTIALS is offered on a regularly-scheduled basis in

Aberdeen | CharlestonColorado SpringsDayton | Huntsville | National Capital Region | Pensacola | San Antonio | San Diego | SeattleSouthern Maryland

Training is also available to distance learners via Online Personal Classroom™ technology.

eMASS eSSENTIALS is offered in conjunction with our regularly-scheduled RMF for DoD IT classroom training in various locations nationwide.

eMASS eSSENTIALS is also available as a “Friday supplemental class” to organizations wishing to obtain on-site or online RMF training for a “private group” of students.



Discount pricing is available when this class is combined with RMF for DoD IT. Please contact us for details.

We have an assortment of supplemental classes that can be bundled with the RMF for DoD IT to enhance your RMF training experience. By bundling you can receive a considerable discount on the supplemental classes.

Private Group  Classes

If you have a group of students (normally 8 or more), any of our training programs can be delivered at your site (in a suitable classroom facility), or in our Online Personal Classroom. Group classes offer significant savings over individual class registrations; the larger the class, the greater the savings.

Please click here to request a quote.

Training fees

“Per student” fee for regularly-scheduled Continuous Monitoring training is as follows:

eMASS eSSENTIALS (one day) – $ 750

Payment options for regularly-scheduled training are as follows:

Credit card – Visa, MasterCard and American Express
SF182 – government entities may submit an SF182 for invoicing after completion of training
PO – purchase orders are accepted from government and major corporate entities

How to Register

Registration for regularly-scheduled classes can be completed in two ways:

On-line (recommended).
Click here for online registration and payment.

By FAX or e-mail
Click here for a printable registration form.