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BAI Introduces RMF Supplemental Training

By P. Devon Schall, MS, MAEd, CISSP, RDRP We are excited to announce the addition of RMF supplemental training courses to our training catalog. After extensive discussion regarding our 2018 curriculum, we felt we would benefit students the most by offering “bitesized” courses to supplement our core four-day RMF for…

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Top Ten—Things You Should Know about eMASS

Top Ten—Things You Should Know about eMASS By Lon J. Berman, CISSP The Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service, or eMASS, is a web-based Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) solution that automates a broad range of services for comprehensive, fully-integrated cybersecurity management, including controls scorecard measurement, dashboard reporting, and the generation of Risk…

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