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The one-day workshop on DoD Cloud Computing aims to equip mission owners and cloud service providers with comprehensive knowledge and practical insights into leveraging cloud computing within the Department of Defense (DoD) framework. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the unique challenges, requirements, and opportunities associated with implementing cloud solutions for DoD missions.

Live online events

  • 01 July
    1 day, 10:00 AM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
    • PD hours: 8
    • $850.00 excl.
  • 03 September
    1 day, 10:00 AM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
    • PD hours: 8
    • $850.00 excl.
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RMF in the Cloud/FedRAMP training is designed to answer foundational questions about RMF and cloud migration as well as offering BAI’s real world experience in cloud migration as a provider of RMF consulting services. RMF in the Cloud is a vendor neutral course utilizing our first-hand consulting experience. Some RMF in the Cloud/FedRAMP topics include:

  • Introduction to the Cloud
  • Cloud Risks
  • Government Adoption of the Cloud
  • DISA Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide
  • FedRAMP and FedRAMP Plus (FedRAMP+)
  • Preparation for RMF in the Cloud
  • Cloud Inheritance
  • Mission Owner Challenges
  • Cloud Tools
  • eMASS & the Cloud

Course Prerequisites

While no prerequisites are required for enrollment in this course, possessing a foundational comprehension of information security principles and a grasp of compliance and regulatory standards is advantageous. Familiarity with concepts like confidentiality, integrity, availability, risk assessment, and vulnerability management is beneficial. Prior experience in IT or cybersecurity is recommended to enhance your learning experience.

Private Group Classes

If you have a group of students (normally 8 or more), any of our training programs can be delivered at your site (in a suitable classroom facility), or in our Online Personal Classroom. Group classes offer significant savings over individual class registrations; the larger the class, the greater the savings.

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Who Should Attend

RMF in the Cloud/FedRAMP is open to all students (government and contractors), particularly those who have previously completed RMF for DoD IT Fundamentals and RMF for DoD IT in-depth classes.

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