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The Registered DoD RMF Practitioner (RDRP) program was created in response to BAI RMF Resource Center recognizing the need for a credential which shows competency and proficiency in the understanding and application of RMF for DoD. RDRP is comprised of a network of information security professionals specializing in supporting Risk Management Framework (RMF) in the Department of Defense (DoD) programs. The requirements to join RDRP are very straightforward:

  • Step 1: Attend 4 days or more of RMF for DoD IT training.
  • Step 2: Remit the initial credentialing fee.
  • Step 3: Complete the 50 questions “RMF for DoD IT Competency Test” with a passing score of 70%.

Being part of the RDRP registry not only adds credentialing value, but it also shows employers and government officials that registrants have a comprehensive understanding of RMF as it is implemented within DoD. Registrants are also joining a community that fosters RMF inquiry as well as networking opportunities amongst colleagues.

The only cost associated with becoming an RDRP is a one-time $100 administration fee that covers program administration. Once an RDRP candidate passes the RDRP exam and remits their $100 registration fee, they will become a lifetime RDRP member.

BAI’s students who have completed 4-days or more of RMF DoD IT training may go to to begin the registration process.