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  • STIG 101

  • Security Controls Implementation & Assessment Workshop + STIG 101
    Taught by a Navy Qualified Validator, this 5-Day course enables the learner to thoroughly implement and document the necessary security controls in preparation for assessment as well as understand the assessment process in order to be an active participant and ensure the assessment is successful. The fifth day provides an in-depth analysis of STIGs and how the STIGs are incorporated into the implementation and assessment of the security controls.
    5 Days
  • STIG 101
    The 1-day course on DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) offers comprehensive insights into implementing and maintaining security standards across IT systems within the Department of Defense. Participants learn about the purpose and structure of STIGs, understand how to apply STIG requirements to various systems and technologies, and gain practical skills in assessing system compliance.
    1 Day