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If you are considering attending one of our training programs, these helpful hints may be useful in expediting the approval process for you. More than likely, you will fit under one of these four “scenarios”.

1. I am a member of the military or a civilian government employee.

The best place to start is always with your immediate supervisor. He/she will likely refer you to an individual called Training Coordinator. You will probably be asked to fill out an SF182 form, which is the government standard form for training coordination and approval. The SF182 will specify the course(s) you will be taking, along with their date, location (or online), training cost and travel cost (if applicable). There are numerous approvals (signature blocks) on the SF182. Most often, your training coordinator will route the form appropriately for these signatures. It is important for you to know that an SF182, even without all the approval signatures, can serve to “hold” a space for you in an upcoming BAI training class. Sometimes your training coordinator or supervisor may request an invoice for the class. If that occurs, please contact BAI and we will promptly provide it to you. Most often, training is paid for with a government purchase card, so it is important that you identify the “cardholder” who will be making the payment. Often, but not always, this would also be the training coordinator. Please make sure your training coordinator is aware of our online registration site,, where they can register you for training and make payment via government purchase card. Training coordinators and/or cardholders can also contact BAI by phone for registration and payment assistance.

2. I am a contractor assigned to a DoD or Federal program.

Generally speaking, your training will be arranged through the company where you are employed, and not by the government. This is true even if you are “stationed” full-time at a government site. If you are employed by a subcontractor, your training may be managed through your employer, or may possibly go through the prime contractor. The best way to begin is by reaching out to your immediate supervisor. He/she should be able to provide guidance that’s appropriate for your company. Sometimes they will ask for an invoice, which BAI will provide on request. In some cases, your company will issue a Purchase Order against which BAI will invoice. Oftentimes, your company will make payment with a credit card. This can be done online on the website, or by phone to BAI. Some companies issue credit cards to employees. If you are the holder of a company credit card and have authorization to pay for your own training, we recommend you make sure your credit card has been “activated” in your company’s system and you have sufficient line of credit to pay for the class. From time to time students find that their credit card is “Declined” when they go to pay for training, and this is because, for one reason or other, their company has not fully “activated” it.

3. I am an employee of a company that is a supplier, vendor or service provider to a DoD or Federal agency.

The best place to begin is with your immediate supervisor, who should be able to help you gain approval for the cost of your training and travel (if applicable). See above for information on purchase orders, invoices (if required), and credit card payments.

4. I am an individual seeking career advancement.

You do not need to be associated with a government or military program to attend BAI training. If you are looking to enhance your career by completing one or more BAI training programs, we would be delighted to have you in class! The most convenient way to register and pay for your own training is by using our online registration system at BAI accepts credit card payments via Visa, Master Card and American Express.