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This 1-Day course enables project managers to understand best practices for successfully implementing the Risk Management Framework within your organization.

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RMF Project Management Advantage is a 1-day course that enables the learner to understand best practices for implementing successful RMF projects within your organization.  This course was designed for RMF practitioners and/or managers at all levels with goals of utilizing project management best practices and strategies from Project Management Institute (PMI) as well other global industry proven project management standards. The course was authored and is taught by a senior RMF practitioner and Project Management Professional (PMP) who is passionate about leveraging real-world RMF and project management experience to reduce RMF project costs and streamline the RMF process. If you are interested in decreasing RMF implementation time and cost, this course is for you!

Key Areas: 

  • RMF Operations Order
  • RMF 5 Steps (as projects)
  • RACI Charts
  • Controls Implementation Worksheet
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • RMF Roles & Responsibilities
  • RMF Project Plan
  • Understanding Common Controls
  • Reporting RMF Project Progress


Course Prerequisites

While no prerequisites are required for enrollment in this course, possessing a foundational comprehension of information security principles and a grasp of compliance and regulatory standards is advantageous. Familiarity with concepts like confidentiality, integrity, availability, risk assessment, and vulnerability management is beneficial. Prior experience or training in the Risk Management Framework is recommended to enhance your learning experience.

Hardware requirements: any PC that can run Zoom in the browser or the Zoom app.

Who Should Attend

RMF Project Management Advantage is open to all students (government and contractors) with an interest in Project Management, particularly for those who have previously completed RMF for DoD IT training.

Students who have not yet attended RMF training are encouraged to inquire about discounted pricing for a training package that includes RMF for DoD IT and RMF Project Management Advantage.

Private Group Classes

If you have a group of students (normally 8 or more), any of our training programs can be delivered at your site (in a suitable classroom facility), or in our Online Personal Classroom. Group classes offer significant savings over individual class registrations; the larger the class, the greater the savings.

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