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Dear Dr. RMF – Thirsty for Knowledge

By April 4, 2022Dr. RMF, RMF Training


“Thirsty for Knowledge” asks:

About a year ago I completed the 4-day RMF for DoD IT training with BAI. It was time well spent and has helped me in numerous ways. Now I’m searching for additional training that can help me build on the knowledge I gained in that RMF class. Do you offer any kind of “Advanced RMF” curriculum?

Dr. RMF Responds:

Dr. RMF is glad you asked … and so glad you found the RMF for DoD IT training helpful to you! Actually, we have several training offerings that can complement your RMF training. If your RMF responsibilities include securely configuring servers and software, you should definitely consider our STIG 101™ one-day class. If your responsibilities include implementation of security controls and preparation for assessment, you might want to consider our “Security Control Implementation and Assessment” 4-day training program. This class includes a “deep dive” into the nuances of security control implementation as well as guidance to help you prepare for your independent assessment. Also, we have several one-day supplemental classes that cover specific topic areas. Depending on your specific role in the RMF process, any or all of these may be directly applicable to you. Our two most popular one-day classes are called eMASS eSSENTIALS and STIG 101. If you are responsible for using eMASS to manage your RMF effort, you definitely should consider taking the eMASS class. This class literally includes “hands on” exposure to eMASS using our exclusive eMASS eXPERIENCE™ simulator. And finally, if you plan on taking the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) exam, you may want to consider our one-day CAP Exam Prep class that builds on your RMF training to provide specific exam guidance, practice questions, etc.


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