BAI’s Hands-on eMASS Simulator

By August 24, 2020emass

by P. Devon Schall, PhD, CISSP, RDRP

BAI recognizes that eMASS is a stumbling block for many new RMF practitioners. To mitigate these challenges, our instructional designers felt the creation of an eMASS sandbox environment where our students could practice working in eMASS without being scared to submit incorrect data or follow the correct procedures would be highly beneficial!

After working with a software development partner over the last year, BAI is pleased to announce completion of development on our new eMASS eSSENTIALS simulator. Our eMASS simulator activities will replace pre-recorded eMASS simulations which are currently offered in BAI’s eMASS training.

Some facts about our new eMASS Simulator:

  • Live hands on cloud-based eMASS smulation environment
  • The simulator will be available to all students who attend BAI’s one-day eMASS eSSENTIALS training course
  • The eMASS Simulator provides guidance and the capability for the most commonly-use eMASS functions including:
    • System Registration
    • Security Controls and Test Results
    • Artifacts
    • Asset Manager
    • Plan of Action and Milestones (PO&AM)

We anticipate formally integrating the new eMASS eSSENTIALS Simulator into our classes later this summer.

For additional information or a live demo, please contact BAI Executive Director of Training Services, Devon Schall, Ph.D, CISSP


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