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Online Personal Classroom™ Brings RMF Training to You

By Lon J. Berman, CISSP, RDRP

DoD and Federal agencies and their supporting contractors are struggling to adapt to the “new reality” of travel restrictions, mandatory telework and social distancing. While we don’t know how long these conditions will last, we do know that all organizations must continue to perform their mission seamlessly. It is well known that a better trained workforce is able to perform more efficiently, but obtaining training in the face of these challenges can be problematic.

BAI to the rescue! Our Online Personal Classroom™ can help your organization meet its training objectives without the need for travel. The Online Personal Classroom combines the best features of web-based learning and traditional instructor-led classes. Using just a personal computer, teleworking students can fully participate in a live, instructor-led, interactive training experience.

The Online Personal Classroom is absolutely not computer-based training (CBT) in the traditional sense. All classes are live and instructor-led, and enable full interaction between the instructor and the class, and among the students themselves. As one of our former students put it, “It’s everything you get in a physical classroom … except coffee and donuts!”

Some of the key benefits of Online Personal Classroom training are:

  • Elimination of Student Travel – Online Personal Classroom allows your staff to receive training without the necessity of traveling to a class-room location. Clearly this is essential in the current environment, but even when there are no restrictions, it can be advantageous. By eliminating travel expenses, many organizations have realized dramatic cost savings, frequently on the order of 50%.
  • Increased Efficiency – Online Personal Classroom training improves organizational efficiency by minimizing staff downtime such as travel days. No longer does a four-day training program entail a full week out of the office.
  • Improved Morale – Online Personal Classroom training eliminates disruptions to personal and family life caused by travel – no more leaving home on Sunday to make a Monday morning training class.
  • Increased Flexibility – Online Personal Classroom training enables more flexible scheduling of your staff for training.

And the best news of all is that this is not some hastily-conceived response to the current public health crisis.

BAI has been successfully delivering Online Personal Classroom training since 2012!

All regularly-scheduled BAI training programs are available for delivery via Online Personal Classroom. This includes our flagship offering, RMF for DoD IT, as well as numerous one and two-day supplemental programs. Registration is available at

Additionally, BAI can arrange a “private online class” for your organization. You will have a dedicated instructor who will deliver a fully-interactive training experience using Online Personal Classroom technology. Just like our “on-site” class-room training, your organization will realize significant “per student” savings.

Of course, we realize some students and organizations strongly prefer traditional classrooms, and BAI plans to phase those back in once travel restrictions are relaxed, while continuing to offer Online Personal Classroom training!

In these difficult times, it is comforting to know BAI can truly “bring RMF to you”.

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