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BAI Announces RMF Micro Edition Video Series

By Philip D. Schall, Ph.D., CISSP, RDRP

BAI RMF Resource Center is pleased to announce the RMF Micro Edition Video Series created in collaboration with CompTIA. Below is a summary of the course content as described by BAI’s lead trainer, Linda Gross:

“BAI, in partnership with CompTIA, recently produced a one-hour video on the basic concepts of Risk Management Framework (RMF) presented in 10-15 minute segments. The video has a target audience of individuals who need to know what RMF is really all about. For organization managers or for individuals working on the periphery of the system world (i.e. training, procurement, personnel, finance, etc.) this provides an opportunity to understand what those three letters “R”, “M”, and “F” actually represent.

In organizations where the system owners or project managers are involved in the development of a system RMF package, individuals not normally part of this system world may need to be called in for understanding or assistance with implementation of certain security controls. This video series can provide those individuals with some basic training. Or sometimes there is just a sense of curiosity.

This quick overview of the history, documents, roles, lifecycle steps, and system authorization can point an individual in the right direction and possibly give them a realization that they may need additional or extensive training in the process. We hope our students will enjoy this new video as the first step in their RMF journey.”
Use the following link to view the RMF Micro Edition Video Series:

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