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By July 9, 2019Dr. RMF, emass

Dear Dr. RMF,

I can tell you I am definitely new to eMass. However, I have registered several packages and brought over artifacts. I have blindly (using the job aid) assigned controls, exported the spreadsheet and reimported. Haven’t been able to produce the RAR or POAM.  With that being said, do you still feel that this training would be beneficial?

New to eMASS

Dear New to eMASS,

We do think it would be beneficial for you to take the eMASS training. As RMF and eMASS subject matter experts, we are intimately familiar with RMF tools and processes, and in our experience many of our students think they have a good idea of how RMF and eMASS function when in actuality they do not! Your phrase of “blindly using the job aid” jumped out at me. We often find new RMF and eMASS practitioners save considerable time and effort when they have received formalized training and are confident in the implementation choices they are making.

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