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Dear Dr. RMF,

I was wondering if you could guide me to the official “source” for all SOP’s required for RMF. I have copies of SOP’s I have done for another group but these were built off templates we were given from our ISSM at the time. I have combed over the RMF site as well as the NIST site. I feel like I am missing a key source for these types of materials. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SOP Templates

Dear SOP Templates,

As much as I hate to break the news to you, no official source for RMF templates exists. Our best recommendations are to review your previous SOP’s and create new documentation for the system you are working on. There is no required format for RMF artifacts. As long as you can document how controls are being implemented you should be in good shape!

You can also check your components workspace on RMF Knowledge Services to see if their component has posted any guidance. We know some of them have templates. If you are still stuck, you could also try and contact your AODR for your organization and see if they have any templates you can use.

Good luck!

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